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Remember the time

Young n’ free

Creepin’ round town

like we was hoodlums

Had my hood up

We was Boo’d up,

Two’d up

You were my Bonnie

I was your Clyde…

Fun done won

Lots of action

Crimes of passion

The only crimes were

You loving me

And me loving you

You told me you loved

Asked me how I felt,

I was like ‘dido’…

Always on the go

Always rollin’

Still you was patient

Pretty young thing

Sweeter than sugar

Your hair long n’ soft

Smile so infectious

Just 1 touch from your hand

would melt me in a minute…

Lady you shine

Your heart of gold

In time I’d seen a lotta girls

But ain’t too many

that had the right mind

I gotta say

Oh what a lady

A lady you are and still today…

We all reminisce sometime

That’s why

I pour 1 for the memore-ry

2 for creativity

3 for sentimentality

And 1 more,

Well just because…

Yeah we gotta do our thing

Gotta keep moving

Gotta keep grooving

But if I had to take it all back

Just for you I’d write thee a track

The words I shoulda said

woulda been something like:

‘Sweet on ya’

Got the perfect feet on ya

Toes so nice n’ neat on ya

Caramel El-natural

Perfect tan mo’ better than

Can’t help but put my heat on ya,

Girl you got that joie de vivre

The kinda beauty

the sun loves to shine on

Baby boo you’re like my ocean Bleu

Anything you want I’ll do

The stars of the galaxy

must feel ashamed

just by looking at you,

If I had my way

I’ll let purple rain fall from above

Cos you my dove

are somethin’ like royalty,

Again n’ again I can go on

And still 2 times again

But then my friend

You got your den

And I got my pen,

If n’ when till we meet again

So long, bye-bye, ta-ta

Hey there pretty mama

Just know if I never-ever told you,

This boy was really-really, really!

‘Into you’…

‘Sweet on ya’

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Got the perfect feet on ya…yeah

Copyright © 2018      Bradley M. Tremmil


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Written by Bradley Tremmil

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