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Damn she’s fine

She struts her stuff off

like a movie star,

So damn fine

Midnight sky

lights up a constellation

with them shooting stars…

So damn fine

Her aura’s breezy

As summer love

with the absence of pain,

Damn she’s fine so damn fine

Like honey flavored

apple lemon lime with a twist,

Finer than fine

When I look too hard

My windows steam up the mist …

Damn she’s fine

From her crown

Right down to her tippy-tippy toes,

Hotter than hot

She’s spices n’ all things nice

Got my floetry schmoozing

Like a Shaka Zulu spear,

Music I hear

Fusing the musing

Could it be her

Or could it be

My Frican Mediterranean

Eastern blend doing it’s thing…


Says she likes my poetry schweet

And I like her personality

More than the toes

on her feet so neat – let me speak,

Damn she’s fine

So damn fine

Hotter than the freakin’ summer heat

Flava like ice-cream

Got me wishin’

for honey flavored apple lemon lime

So damn fine

All I need is 4 bars

The beauty sent to me

Four 4 time

And I rhyme…

‘So damn fine’…

Copyright © 2018                            Bradley M. Tremmil

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