Sighs hurts (be proud because you R a woman )

For as long as I had a very good mother, she’s very nice and she loves me very much, But I see it today sighs pains, I see clearly the pain in her eyes, she’s crying day after day, and all I can hear is her moan, and it’s so Incendiary, ahhh……

In fact, her heart is broken, but she hide it from us, because she’s a mother, and because of this I love you my mother and because of you I respect every women on this planet and I’m so proud because I have two sisters, so to every woman be proud because you R a woman you are stronger than me. Love you!


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Written by n05oor

- ومن يتحمل جنون صدقي
- ومرراة واقعي الاسود
- اتشرف ان نكون
~ اصدقاء ~