Romantic Art (Prisma Edits)

Title: Romantic Art (Prisma Edits)

Made with: Prisma

Style:Graphic Art and Photo Editing

© Courtney Dutton

Hello again everyone,

I thought that I would share more Prisma edits, this time on an art piece that I made. The original (which is the first image) was made with Gimp. I created the background,and then added clouds and sun rays over that.  In the next layers I added the silhouettes. I made it like I make all my other art pieces.

Then, I posted five different edits I thought looked nice from using the Prisma app. I know most people would use that app just to edit photographs, but I think it’s really fun to edit artwork as well.  What do you all think?

I hope you enjoy the original art piece, and the edits I have done.  Let me know which is your favorite!


What do you think?