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prog knife chick – WIP

Once upon a time, I decided I didn’t want to do another JK with a katana; rather, I decided to do something realistic- a student with a progressive knife, since that is something Japanese students actually have. And then I never worked on it again. Until now…

#1 dark haze

increased the saturation and then gave the edges a dark, blurry vignette to keep the action where it needs to be

#2 infernal

why didn't I try a silent hill treatment? this would be an ideal candidate for a SH postwork effect...

#3 original recipe

this is pretty much were I left it, only this time I flared out the hair some and that helped a LOT. but still didn't seem dynamic enough, so...

#4 raw rework

a more dynamic pose, although now she's either defending herself from a ghost or something on the ceiling...


What do you think?