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Poetry Night at Caffeine’s Lounge: Pilot


As she steps onto the stage Nandi greets the audience with a wide and friendly smile. She confidently adjusts the microphone to suit her height while vocalizing her gratitude and welcoming any first time guests at the same time. In a bout a minute, with both hands she taps onto her bushy hair ten signals to the DJ to play her tune. She clears he throat and as the song begins to play she recites –


Without hesitation

Let there be no speculation

Out of depths from my being

Thru these here verses

This oration I relay to you,

A Nubian queen I hope you’re seeing

There’s oceans of bliss living within

I’m all in my confidence,

I wear me…

Bubbling over

Feeling hotter than a lotter lava

I gotta let it spill,

Come closer

I aim to please

Don’t just tease me with your eyes

Lend me your ears

I promise I will let you in

While I do my comfy dance

Here hear me,

I wear me…

The playground of my heart

My romance is a state of mind

A child of the universe

Made in His image

See I’m a product

of the greatest imagination

That only one God could conceive

Inside, deep inside

my spirit’s as a raging love

Yet chilled out as the sea of glass,

And I love that I’m loved

to be wrapped within

by this shade of melanin

Here – here me,

I wear me…

Tho I am not my hair

My hair is a part of me

Me not ashamed of the Afro-cruise

Don’t compete with the Joneses

So there ain’t no use

‘keeping up with the K’s’

I’m fashioned with my culture

That means I cannot be impressed

by things way too common

Creativity’s on top of levity

Yeah I design my own wear

like the beat that I drum to

Multiply then add too

Hear – here me,

I wear me…

Society’s sobriety

I love it when they stop n’ stare

Cos I stand out like a fiery flare

Sweetie don’t mind me

Don’t mind my bitty-witty

I submit to thee

This ain’t no dis to you or them

It’s a question of relevance

The resilience of intelligence,

If you find an ounce of inspiration

Know that I’m overjoyed

at the activation of your revelation

If you show me love

I will accept

R.E.S.P.E.C.T. baby

You do you

And I do me,

And I give my love to me

No worries

Hear, here me

Hakuna matata baby,

I – wear – me…

Copyright © 2019         Bradley M. Tremmil  

At the end of her poem the crowd responds favorably to her recital. Some whistling which a few here and there asked for more. Nevertheless her time was up. About 10 minutes later the MC announced that the next artist had cancelled and offered a freestyle performance to anyone who wanted to share an item while the DJ played  Respect in the background.

Brian jumped at the chance to accept the offer on behalf of his friend Gillian who was quite nervous of performing on stage. For a while she had been secretly writing poetry in her spare time until Brian who she’d become very fond of came across a folder in her Notebook whilst updating her software. The pair of friends argued back and forth until he finally convinced to partake. After gulping 2 stiff vodkas she nervously walkson the stage. Fortunately for her the microphone was already adjusted to suit her height and of course the sound engineers were all too familiar with first timers so they knew how to improvise.

She sheepishly apologizes to the audience who are not at all concerned about her hang ups. They in turn receive her with a generous applause. Around about that time the effects of the vodkas start creeping in. A little more relaxed at that she nodds at the DJ to play –

Just hen Gillian breathes in deeply to release 1 big sigh to say;



hours, minutes n’ seconds

Around the clock

this thing called time

He or she, it beckons…

Why should I be bothered

about a day after tomorrow

When yesterday and today

In each and everyway

The best I can

I’ve sown seeds of goodness…

Of friendship I am blessed,

Like sunshine on my face

I bask inside our loveness,

A kiss of kindness

Oh how I am so delighted

with the honesty that’s reciprocated…

Peace upon my pillow

I’m rested knowing

that the glow of love

will be dawning again in my home,

So what!

if the world says I have nothing,

I have riches beyond measure

I have something

superficiality cannot buy

I’ve got love, real love

My mind cannot comprehend

My deepest inner feelings

It is only my heart

who understands…

One day at a time

Wherever the journey of life

may lead me to

I am not bothered

about that clock upon the wall…

Hours, minutes and seconds

Lead me to be a better me

One day at a time…

Copyright © 2018         Bradley M. Tremmil 

When she was done the MC hugs her and cheers the audience give her a proper round of applause. None one was more prouder than Brian who was more than pleased how she built up her momentum toward an unexpected peak then down to a decrescendo…


What do you think?

Written by Bradley Tremmil


  1. Many phrases stand out to me…. and wow is all I can say for now.

    Peace upon my pillow…..

    And I love that I’m loved
    to be wrapped within
    by this shade of melanin

    Wherever the journey of life
    may lead me to
    I am not bothered
    about that clock upon the wall