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Playing With Photographs

This is a picture I took of my daughter several years ago. One thing you’ll notice as I post on Virily is that I love to manipulate pictures. The main tool I use is Photoshop Elements – which is a watered down version of Photoshop. It provides me with tools that allow me to ‘correct’ the picture, but also apply digital filters, layers etc. to create something totally different from the original.

For this picture I cheated – I found a cool site called Photopia that allows you to upload a picture and digitally manipulate it. Another site I use is Befunky – this allows me to create really cool memes. I have also been known to use Gimp – which is a free program which has similar functionality to Photoshop.

The main thing is that I have fun with it – I’m not looking to sell my photos, as I’m not professional enough – I just enjoy creating and end product that is pleasing to me, and hopefully to a few people out there on the inter-webs!


What do you think?

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  1. It used to be quite a trick to do good double exposures or combine negatives in the darkroom. This is probably the thing I like most about digital photography. Combining images is big fun. That’s a good one.

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