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Pen & Ink Art work

I did some of these for Graphic Design in 1987 for ATI, and that was when computer art was beginning to emerge.

All of these were done by hand. Just getting into the Graphic Design course, I had one chance in 6 of being accepted to do this course at all.

I am happy that I did this course and it only lasted for 5 months. 

Some of these art works came after that.

Now I want to do pen & ink in colour. Dot, cross hatch and dry brush.

I got the materials and soon I will start this work. In future instalments.

By the way, there are no mechanical aides, to these drawings, it is done manually by hand. 

Commercial art work is 1% inspiration, 99% perspiration!

Graphic Design Entry Dot work

This is of my sister Felicity in her wedding dress in pen & ink.

One of my entry drawings for Graphic Design.

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House for entry for Graphic Design

In those days, we had an awful pen to use, a Rotring, which was hard to clean, easy to misuse and it had many types of nibs.

Gandalf the Grey

In Art work, I break the rules, I have always liked blue ball point pen. So here it is, done when "Lord of the Rings" was brought up on film by NZ director, Peter Jackson.

Aragon of Arathorn

Getting ready for battle, I used a Black pen. It was not a Rotring pen.

Saruman The White

I overdid it but still like it.

I used a Staedtler pen, I get them in sets from "National Art Supplies" in Onehunga where I live. 

“The Brat is Back!” John Macinroe Tennis star

I guess every star has his or her moments! Who can blame the with the stress they go through to get there.?

Still no excuse to behave like a spoiled Brat!

Yes, I did this with the Rotring pen!

I have many more pen & inks but I think 6 entries today is enough.

What do you think?

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