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Henry & Matilda – an illustration I did for someone else for children

Some years ago I did an illustration of Henry the Mouse and never quite got to illustration Matilda the cat. I was doing an art course at that stage that did not want any representational art in their curriculum that year.

However, I went to a pet shop to take photos of a small white mouse. I got my mouse character Henry from those photos and developed Henry the Mouse.

In a story every thing has to fit together and that is the hard part. The key is research and hard work by hand for hand done illustrations. Takes a while to do. 

Opening Line

I combined hand drawn illustration and text with my old iG5 Mac Desktop with the old Apple Works application

Second Page

A very worried Mouse, it isn't hard to imagine a worried Mouse at all. 

Henry dusts his mouse house

My husband Warwick helped me to get the perspective right by hand. It really pays to get support in what you do. He instructed me how to get it right. 

Finally, Henry is driven to distraction by love for a Cat

The real author of this story is not me, nor Henry's uncle but another woman. 

He is a mouse of great charm.

What do you think?

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  1. You are a talented illustrator. I hope you still do this type of work. We always need some good finger and hand drawn artist unlike the computer originated drawings. Not that I totally dislike “pixels” but they are not the same as hand drawn, or watercolour or oil paintings.

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