Paper Mâché or Paper Recycling

This is some paper mâché objects created by me. You can create anything from paper and cardboard. I have made paper mâché dolls out of paper and some out of discarded paintings. Some paper bins with paintings on it that I painted after I made the bin, and paper boats. I used string or wool for the hair.

I made shoes too, but they are more ornamental than useful. You can just about create anything you want to.

I made this doll with white paper first and put discarded abstract paintings cut up into strips later.

There is a story to those paintings which I did for my 3rd year Art School . I had to undermine my figure studies because they wanted me to create Art with no meaning and they did not want pretty pictures. 

Yes, I did want they wanted but I didn't like the idea of Art with no meaning. To me, Art is all about it being meaningful to me.

This is another paper mâché doll made out of my undermined paintings

This doll was made with white string for her hair. At least the undermined figure study paintings had some colour for her dress.

These dolls had meaning for me and to me, Art should always mean something to the artist whether it be abstract or representational.

I have studied art and decided that I am allowed to have an opinion about what I like and what I don't like.


What do you think?

Written by Pamela Moresby


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