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Recently I visited our Auckland Art Gallery on the nude. Now, this is not just about the nude but in ideas. The oldest room where we began our journey was very beautiful Victorian Edwardian art and sculpture. Then as each room progressed the pictures and images began to increase in ugliness and were horrible.

What does Art do for you.? I suppose it’s what you want. Death or life? For me, I would choose life! I would like to see hope and joy or promote it. I know bad things happen and truth is what it is. Is it good to think depression, death and misery? I don’t think so.

Now I know for a fact, many famous artists in history lived in poverty and died in a pauper’s grave. They had no support, yet today the art galleries make a fortune out of them. To me, it’s obscene.Morbid.Yet, for the love of doing it, I will pursue art and photography as many do.

To me, I like beauty in this world, and whether it be in art, sculpture, or photography. Whom ever decided that cooking to win prized should taste horrible? Of course you want something cooked to be lovely to look at and delicious to eat.

Now some years ago. An Art Gallery opened up near Royal Oak. The first theme was on death.

Is that what people really want on their walls?

I don’t think abstract is a bad thing, I think attitudes are very important.

To me, creativity and art, writing is all about ideas, as in cooking or photography.

Very simple, what is presented is what people think, what you think you become. The choice is up to you.

Now I don’t wish to follow the ugly trend. Artists are supposed to be thinkers, not people who play Symonds says! Being bitter does not make a person more clever than others. That’s my choice. I choose to promote what is good, not to discount truth but to say perhaps we need to decide to walk  in a way that gives hope and a future to all mankind.


What do you think?

Written by Pamela Moresby


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  1. You raise some interesting issues. First of all, let me get out of the way that I misread “on” in your first sentence as “in”. Enough about that!
    I think, just as people who don’t do physical work need to work out, we need a certain amount of darkness to appreciate the light. Those who know no darkness in their real lives (or imagine that they don’t) need some dark input, whether that comes from pictorial art, horror films, whatever. I’ve recently had an all-encompassing darkness enter my life, and I cannot bear any darkness in film, song etc. whereas I quite enjoyed it before.

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