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New Artwork ~Fly to Freedom| 9.30.18 | & A Question

Hello everybody,

I have a new art design to share with you all.  

I was so excited to see the positive feedback on my last art design, I couldn’t wait to share this one. I hope the feedback is just as good!   I notice the quality of image is not too crisp….but my computer is having issues so I had trouble saving it (I have to screen shot them to save my work from PicMonkey because you have to have a paid account to save your work now). I should start using a new editing website.  

Anyways, I’d love to know (as always) what you think of this art design!

As for the question….

I have been contemplating starting a YouTube channel.  I have seen people do really well there, and have been thinking of seeing if I could possibly do the same.  My question though is, what should I make my channel about?   I could make it a mix of  things (life, health, art, crafts, hauls, reviews) or a I could pick one and make it a niche channel….   

Just looking for some feedback.  Also, if you have any tips about becoming successful on YouTube that would be appreciated as well!  


What do you think?


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