Rest and movement are opposite poles that are reflected in art and life, however the attitude of repose in sculpture entails a contemplative state on the part of the spectator. The sculpture is a being that belongs to space and therefore generates a volume. The dough in turn provides a feeling of weight. And that mass that constitutes it and develops in space, generates forms that embrace certain portions of air. That air contained and close to the sculpture is also sculpture: two contrasting and complementary materials: matter and air that appear before the spectator who, like a similar to it, is composed of matter and also lives in the air.Iron is a very noble material that allows clean cuts, welds, patinas, textures … Almost everything that the drawing draws can be carried to the iron form. Many times, from a drawing, we begin to glimpse a sculpture and after many sketches we get to have a clear idea of how the result should be. After that, we prepare a model, since it allows us to see the problems and solutions of the piece when moving it in a two-dimensional way to the three-dimensional one. The rest is work, construction. Sometimes we have to fit on the fly some inclination or length but the general idea remains: before its execution there was already a clear dream of the finished piece.

With the figurative work we try to update the difficult concept of physical identity in the current plane. As an instrument is born infinite melodies, from each of our bodies, finite also, we can mold infinite possibilities of expression, of relationship, of physical work. promote the development of their abilities, investigate the dramatic action, from the rhythm, the game, the encounter, the creativity. Exploring the use of gesture and everyday actions as creative material, through the procedures of movement abstraction.All this has been tried to transfer to the sculpture by means of the constructive process, limiting the matter to the metal, in this case to iron plate of 1mm.


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