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Tomorrow never comes, yesterday never was, and today never ends. Does this make sense?

because the words “tomorrow,” “yesterday,” and “today” are terms applied relative to our own position as we move through time, not to fixed points on a timeline.

It’s similar to saying “incoming Mig 29’s at 10 o’clock” or “make a quarter-turn to your right, then three fancy doubles moving backward. Cause, None of these directions are fixed; they are all relative to the position of the person they apply to, and they move with us. They are words that play in the realms of adjectives and adverbs as well as nouns; they aren’t inactive words linked permanently to a single location or a single day in history. So, in short, tomorrow never comes because at one nanosecond past midnight, we call that position in space continuum, TODAY.

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    Can you see why only today exists?

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  1. So many thoughts pour out of my brain.
    Yesterday is gone, tomorrow is promised today, is the present – open it!

    the reality of the rush in our lives is that we as humans remember.

    So we stand around remembering what was. Remarking that what was, is better than what is.
    We plan for tomorrow, we talk about how much better it was yesterday.

    then suddenly today is gone, the sunsets and we reset again.

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