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Morgus, Apprentice’s Journey!, Episode 001, ‘Red Pheonix Barge’ part two

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By Kenneth Shumaker

June 22, 2017

Morgus, Apprentice’s Journey!

Episode 001, ‘Red Phoenix Barge’

Autumn 50 Unicorn 3rd Cycle V Succession of King Regeanus the III

Morgus, Apprentice’s Journey! 

Our serial series is set in Rusty Knight’s medieval fantasy realm of Quantos. We find the Apprentice Mage Morgus is out from the Mage’s University and on his one-year walk-about before he returns for his journeyman certification test on Autumn 50 of Pine, during the reign of King Regeanus III in the royal city of Mount Oryn’s South State district. Our intrepid hero, with a checkered past, is an attractive thirty-three-year-old human Jalnoric male with a bold personality and is determined to survive his walk-about year at any cost, even if it means snuggling in and working with nobility.

Previously with:

I am returning to write a new series. I will take three random words granted to me by you, the audience, for each story. In this new series, we will be following a chronological order, starting on the first day of Morgus’ journeyman walkabout from the Mage’s University with the date being: Autumn 50 Unicorn of the 3rd Cycle of the Vth Succession of Regeanus III.

This setting is in the time of the monarch before the king of all of my previous Quantos writing’s settings, back by about seventeen years. These new stories take place fourteen years before Regeanus abdicates and then dies. They start fourteen years before King Dolan IV’s reign begins.

This is a different era, with a different a character, being done in the old original format style for you the audience. I hope you enjoy the serial series episodes: Morgus, Apprentice’s Journey!


We continue now with episode E001 in part two, on:

Autumn 50 Unicorn

Leaving Toya at the desk, Morgus walks up the narrow stairs, climbing to the second floor, and walking down the narrow constricting hall to room four.

Entering the unlocked room four, Morgus discovers that the room has no window. The room contains a single-bed with a feather mattress, a small table, one chair, a hooded lantern, as well as a chest of drawers containing four drawers.

Setting his backpack on the chest of drawers and hanging his cloak on the chair, Morgus leans his quarterstaff in the corner and turns to leave the room. As he leaves, he carefully closes the door.

Arriving in the tavern, Morgus finds all the tables are occupied by at least one person.

Choosing to sit with a mature Toymal who is sitting alone, Morgus stands politely next to the table and addresses the man. “Good-day Master. Do you mind if I sit with you to eat my meal?”

The man doesn’t offer a response.

The tavern servant, a thirty-four-year-old Jalmal, approaches. The servant is an attractive male with bright medium grey eyes and small but full lips smiling pleasantly. The man speaks to Morgus, “Gods-grace and good fate, Master. Would you be the new renter, Mage Morgus?”

Morgus replies, “Yes, I am. I’m looking to order my meal now, for tonight.”

The man at the table near Morgus, grunts.

The servant says, “I’m Pedren, the servant.” Pedren leaves to fetch Morgus’ meal.

The man utters his first word. “Pirate.”

Morgus says, “Excuse me?”

The man replies, “I know who you are. You’re a pirate from the Calcut crew of the Red Phoenix barge under Pirate Captain Lawyen.”

Morgus sits down, leaning back. Swallowing hard, he stares at the mature man trying to figure out who he is.

The man helps. “You don’t remember me, do you? I’m the barge-wright who used to repair the Red Phoenix. My name is Toaren.”

Morgus’ eyes open slightly wider as he looks at the man with a new awareness. “You’re the Calcut barge-wright? I haven’t been with the Calcut crew since Captain Lawyen died in a freight barge capture, fifteen years ago. I’ve been in the Mage’s University since I turned eighteen. I gave the University my entire booty hoard to get in and to get a royal pardon.”

Toaren spits out, “Scum.”

Morgus asks, “So are we going to have issues?”

Toaren gets up from the table as Pedren sets down Morgus’ plate of food and a mug of ale.

Toaren leaves without further comment.

Morgus says, “Thank you, Pedren.”

To be continued in episode 002, ‘Red Horse Comb’…

By Kenneth Shumaker

© 2016 by Kenneth Shumaker with Inevitable Unicorn Press

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About the author: Kenneth Shumaker

Following a long break from writing, Kenneth recovered his passion for writing. He is a science fiction and fantasy author with Inevitable Unicorn Press (InUPress). Kenneth has been blogging with the Owerton Challenge and other blogs. He now writes several serial short stories each month. Kenneth’s two businesses, his wife, his two children, and his six grandchildren keep him busy.

We acknowledge the following for their contributions in this episode:

Kenneth Shumaker is the episode author.

Kenneth Shumaker creates the graphics.

Donna Shumaker as our episode editor.

Inevitable Unicorn Press, also known as InUPress, is responsible for production, publishing, and distribution with works on the marketing and promotions.

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