I will not say goodbye As usual I will leave with a smile.You do not know where you are going to run into the future of us your message. Special friends since I met you that day. I was happy and I enjoyed early and got up early.Even if I do not even know my name I knew it soon. Because the rule of “run aiming at the goal” is just that, I do not need anything else. I will accept with the letter spirit written on the ball and leave with a smile. I do not know where I am going to the future of us, etc. I can run through anywhere. I’ll surely write a letter when I ask the next town. I hope it will be such a companion to share the dreams of new friends. I will not let memories be one important one. Last one minute and one second Yes, I want to be the same myself when the whistle sounds. I can promise You will continue for a long time no matter how far you are away. The bus will come soon So far I will not forget about all of you!. Someday I will see you again That time I’ll show you a big one. If I kick the last pass strongly now I can melt it into the blue sky. I pick it up with a slightly blurred letter spirit and leave with a smile. You do not know where you are going to run into the future of us your message.


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Written by seriopscual