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Merry Christmas Artwork Gallery

Merry Christmas to everyone here on Virily (that celebrate the holiday).  Hope your Christmas will be great and you will have a happy new year as well!  We are a week away from 2018, that’s crazy to believe.

Today (Christmas Eve when I am writing this) my family and I opened our gifts.  My son really enjoyed opening his presents. I will have a separate post about that.

Here I have 12 different art designs that I made for Christmas.  That reminds me of the 12 days of Christmas song, do you agree?

Anyways, I hope you enjoy the art designs. Please let me know which one you like best!

Deisign #2

Here is the next art design.  This one is pretty simple as well. I tried to make it look like it's outside in the dark with Santa flying over the houses.  

11 points

Design #5

Here is yet another simple design (I think most of my designs are pretty simple). This one says Merry Christmas, has snowflakes, and bells, and a blue and purple background.  All things are very festive feeling. 

What do you think of it? 

10 points

Design #6

This design is my santa face piece. I placed a santa face outline over a Christmassy background.  

There is not a whole lot to say about it besides that.   I hope you are enjoying these so far!

10 points

Design #7

This one is of the more complex designs,as it is more my normal art style (if you know my art you'll understand).  

I think this is one of my favorite of my Christmas art designs.  

10 points

Design #3

Here is a design that is even more simple than the others.  This design says Merry Christmas, has a stocking, and then has snowflakes in the background.  I think it's very festive, don't you?

9 points

Design #8

Here is an art design for Christmas that has a lot going on.  It's pretty simple still,but there is a lot in the piece itself.

What do you think of it? 

9 points

Design #9

Here is design #9 that I am sharing with you all. This one has a house, some snow people, and a lighted reindeer in the center. 

Merry Christmas to you all!

9 points

Design #1 – Merry Christmas

This is a pretty simple design I made for Christmas.  I think this would have worked for the color crazy challenge as well.  

If you can see there is a tree in the center of the piece.  

8 points

Design #4

This is an edit of design #3.  I mostly changed the background colors (I think I used PicsArt). 

8 points

Design #10

This design has two of the lighted reindeer that I used in design #9. It also has a tree in the center. All in all, it's a very simple, but fun piece.  

8 points
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