Lisianthus Beauties… Original Acrylic Flower Floral Painting From Sketch to Final Version

I love to paint flowers, there’s something in their delicate transitory natures that draws me in.  I don’t usually offer my paintings framed, but these were painted specifically for this frame.  I am sharing the evolution of this painting from sketch to final version here.

#1 Lisianthus Flowers Rough Sketch, WIP

This is my rough sketch of two lisianthus flowers nestled together.  I changed the composition somewhat to have the two more in frame when I transferred them.

#2 Background, WIP

In this WIP work in progress, I have laid in my background for the painting.  It is soft and abstract.

#3 First Flower, WIP

In this WIP work in progress, the stems have been painted and I worked a bit on the petals of one of the flowers.

#4 Petals and more petals, WIP

In this WIP work in progress, I have painted the petals of the second flower, next will come the flower cores.

#5 Completed Painting, Lisianthus Beauties

Here the flowers are, all finished up...  This is the cropping for my 5"x7" prints and ACEO prints.

#6 Lisianthus Beauties Framed and Completed…

The original painting is 4"x3.5" acrylic painting on acid free vellum paper in a 5.25"x4.75" frame.  I hope you have enjoyed seeing my process for this piece!

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