The way he lights up a room

whenever he walks through the door

the radiance of his smile

when his eyes look only at me

the warmth of his body

when he lies next to me at night





lifting me up

and rescuing me

a sea-ravaged vessel

drawn ever closer to the shores

he is my beacon of hope

when the darkness descends upon my mind

and the shadows swallow me whole



What do you think?


    • Carol you are always so kind and supportive. I was traveling the past 4 weeks with no access to wi-fi. It was fabulous! I also just endured two debilitating losses-one the subject of many of my poems, including this one. Hopefully I will be writing prolifically again soon. I have missed you, too. I got off facebook back in November, and am missing out on the Virily Facebook user group.

    • thank you so much! It definitely was, and is. The man whom I wrote it for lost his long battle with depression, but he did see this poem before I posted it. Thank goodness for poetry to get us through the good and bad.