The peace of pain

The peace of pain

In the tranquility that offers the loneliness

Demonstrates the presence of the universal divinity

A fresh current of reinnovating energy

That alone it can appreciate with the eyes of the soul

The antagonistic meaning of the life

Day after day it shows us infinite capacities

Of serving or being served in a square of pleasures

That dose the kindness and evilness simultaneously

A balance necessary for his existence

A truth product of the meeting

As musical notes in a chord

They dictate the pace of a piece

The soft song comes to my ears like a litany

That repeats itself again and again as a torment

An attachment to the sounds coming from the distance

That take us to an abyss without laments

The purity of feelings is not expressed

Most hide like children in a game

hiding the crying that it takes in

burning the soul across the time.


What do you think?

Written by Roberto Alvarez