Love ItLove It



Firstly I would like to say,

When I stepped into the scene

I was overwhelmed

by the scent of your charisma…


Thank you for looking

as lovely as you do

It’s just so incredible

That on this day

At this time

At this very moment,

You’re an inspiration to my being…

Hmm…seeing you wearing well,

Your choice of rouge

The highlights of your makeup

The way you wear your hair

And that garment,

that garment

Looks all the more glamorous

under this lighting…

Exciting the way you bite your lip,

Of course I love your accent

Just as much as you like mine,

Lady your bouge,

You’re like a butterfly

with spread open wings,

As your smiles are expressions

Your moves are as gestures

Your body speaks a language

That only mine can clearly understand,

Enchanted by the evening

The character in your feet

Points in a direction

that seeks much fun n’ laughter…

Oh the room is filled with ambience,

The ambience of the food of life

That glosses over this here floor

which appears to be as a sea of glass,

I’ve no secret

Let it be known

That while I’m loving all this mingling

This man is tingling from head to toes…

So without further ado

Miss wonderful tonight,

I can hear your feet say

‘Shall we dance,

Shall we dance’…

On that note,

Lend me your hand

And let’s us dance!

Copyright © 2018                            Bradley M. Tremmil


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Written by Bradley Tremmil