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Let The “Storyteller” Tell The Legends And Myths!


Try and imagine a ceremony where the tribal chief or shaman begins to tell the stories that their tribe built their beliefs. To capture the audiences attention and keep their undivided attention a mask is worn. Imagine this is the “Storyteller”s mask.

Maple and cedar bark

23″ high x 17″ wide x 6” deep

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    • I don’t have a website or a “store” online that I sell my work out of but I have pricetags on almost everything I carve. No one ever seems to express an interest of buying something.
      The exhibits I do are juried exhibits around the lower mainland of BC and they can be purchased there. The shows I’m in are usually only 1 to 2 months long then they come home with me.

    • Thanks Lady! This carving was kind of an experiment. I wanted to see how it would turn out if I carved something out of the end grain of the wood as opposed to along the grain. It gave me a lot of problems cracking, which I thought it might, so I was very glad to finish it.
      Even though the end result turned out ok I will never do that again!
      Thanks for looking!

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