Kaleidoscope Gallery ~ Part 3

Hello everybody,

I am back to share some more kaleidoscope art designs with you all.  

These were all made a few years ago using Corel Paintshop pro x4 (unless stated otherwise). I loved that the program has a kaleidoscope tool within it.   I wish Gimp had that option and then I could make some new ones.

Anyways, I hope you all enjoy this set of kaleidoscope designs!

As in the 1st two galleries, I won't be naming each kaleidoscope because it's just too difficult. 

I hope you enjoy this one though!  I like the colors in this one.  What do you all think of it?

This one makes me think of fire/flames.  Do you agree or do you see something else?

Not the biggest fan of this one, but I added it in case some one out there might enjoy it.  Do you?  If not, that is fine!

I like the texture in this one, it makes it feel even more trippy.  What do you think?

This one is a fun one ( to me at least).  The colors are nice and the shape is very trippy-looking.

This one has different colors, but I think they are nice.  What are your thoughts on this kaleidoscope?

This one is another fun one with the color and design of it.  What do you think?

Here is another fun one, those are my favorite....but who wouldn't like fun ones?!

This one I might have actually made in Gimp, or used Gimp to at least help create it.  

This one has similar colors to the last one, but the shape is very different.

What do you think?

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