Iron grate for window immaterial

I like to invent improbable new art and the fact that my creative process isn’t material,  let me experiment the new possibility of some new visual forms art that nobody has thought before.

So the result is her in front of you and a pink base Iron grate for a window, in the version – #immateriale arte.

My art is created directly from the web and in this case, the first realization was made by a Tweet the following one, so this is – digital native – a creation of art.

This is also a two level paint because there are two layers the first is the window grate and the second is the background. The newest idea that I have realized with this paint is that I completed the creative process just using a phone in Mobility condition. Opening a new era of painting in #MobilityArt.

That’s All Folks

Ciao, from a cloudy Italy.


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Written by Flavio Fassio


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