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“ID Goes Where ID Wants”. Who’s Driving The Bus?

“ID Goes Where ID Wants” is a depiction of how the little person in everyone’s heads is really making all the decisions. That little person, or our conscience, is driving you to make the “GUT” decision we are all so familiar with.  Final dimensions 17″high x 10″ wide (head closed) x 12″ deep First I started out with a solid block of white maple and cut off the excess wood that I knew I wouldn’t be needing.

Next was to start roughing out the face features. First was the nose then working my way to the eyes. After that I worked down to the cheekbones and onto the mouth.

After the mouth and chin were established I roughed out the jawline and worked my way over to the ears.The hard part after roughing out the whole head was actually bringing myself to cutting the entire thing in half! Cutting the head in half was a vital step due to the fact it stopped the wood (which was very green) from cracking anymore. I also had to hollow out the cavity inside to leave room for the brain.

I now had the piece in half and fixed a hinge on the back so it could open and close so it would line up the facial features. It was then time to fine detail the piece and sand it down smooth.

I unfortunately didn’t capture any progress pictures of making the brain driven by ID. It consists of Juniper and Acacia wood. It is suspended on a hidden metal arm behind the brain so as to give the impression it’s floating.

Thanks for looking! Stay tuned for another carving project!!

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