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Hearts of Love Dance

Hello everybody,

I wanted to share this art piece I made a few years ago.  I made it with Gimp, my favorite editing program. It’s a lot more than just an editing program however.

This art piece I used a kaleidoscope art piece in the background.  It is very subtle however, so most probably won’t find it.  Over that, I overlayed some hearts and other shapes.  Then, I added the black silhouettes (like the land, tree, and the house).

I added as many hearts as I could (without it being overwhelming) to show that this is a story of love. I wanted to make that as obvious as I could.  Romantic art pieces are my favorite to make (as well to view).

What do you all think of this art piece? I hope you all like it, but I understand it may not be everybody’s cup of tea.

Thank you for your time!


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