From the other side

A cave. Not hollowed out by the sea’s lazy lap or the wind’s slow breath. Not slow, but sudden. Not quiet, but loud.

The cavernous crater left by an atom bomb. Self destructing in the wrong place, at the wrong time. Wires tangled. Signals crossed.

A button pushed too soon.

A head hung at the calamitous mistake.

It shook my windows, my doors. My homeland destroyed. My pain, not yours

That was then, this is now. Too much time for echos to linger. Ghosts not welcome anymore.

Just a displaced mound of earth. A forgotten cave buried under greener grass.

Hollow and deep, smothered in pity’s moss.

Drip…. Drip….

Stalagtites of tears rising to fill the empty space. Ragged breaths howling in the hollows. A spirit’s hiding place.


What do you think?

Written by Ishtar Darlington