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Should you digitally ‘enhance’ photographs?

When I took this picture, it was of a pure white flower. It seemed to lack depth and texture and really didn’t stand out to me. Jumping into Photoshop Elements, I enhanced the texture and added color – I also blurred part of the background to try and make the flower pop out.

What I end up with is a nice picture of a flower that simply doesn’t exist! Effectively I’ve created a piece of art rather than a photograph!

So as a photographer should I stay true to the original, or is a little artistic impression allowed?

I enjoy the process and get pleasure from the final results; I am also honest about it – if I digitally change a photo I will make it plain that I manipulated the original. So as long as I am not duping the viewer then I feel justified in my changes.

So what do you think? Is it OK to digitally manipulate photographs?

Are they still photographs?


What do you think?

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