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Colour Crazy Challenge – Blue

Here is a watercolour painting of a small size that I did some time ago. It is Blue and in the background as the water colour was drying I experimented with it by putting salt on it, which causes these spots on the blue back ground like snow flakes.

Its fun to do by hand and fun to experiment with different materials. 


What do you think?

Written by Pamela Moresby


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  1. yeah, i like drawing these kinds of drawings, too. the girl looks like the kind of drawings i have always done. but i am a pencil drawer, and maybe transfer it to Illustrator to trace on a computer program. and then add different effects, which i would probably turn my pencil drawing into a mixed media art.

    • I haven’t quite got to illustrator yet, and should try that or something else. I have learned old fashioned classical art. I have no regrets about learning that, I can always go to any computer appliance or software and create a work of art.
      Yes, I have seen some computer hardware where you can create drawings as if it were like paper and looking forward to trying that in the future.
      thanks for your kind comments Fifi

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