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(Inspired by CJ Benjamin’s ‘Letter to my late dad’)

When I think of the image of you,

All that you are to me

And what’s in the wealth

of your character,

Like ripples of waves

As my thoughts roam

the corridors of my mind

I cherish the moments we’ve had…

No ordinary ponder,

When I listen to my heart

It’s such a wonder

this journey thru the depth of my soul

That I become overwhelmed

by a well of emotions appreciating

these dimensions of your being,

How I cherish the time…

The here and now

And if tomorrow ever comes

I know life is just a vapor

hanging on the balance of time,

There’s a part of you inside of me

that defies gravity

Like wings of the winds

It breathed new life

into every step that I take…

In light of reflections

now I cherish these moments

that are borrowed to my hands

Standing still when it feels

like I’m sailing to fly without wings

It’s all because of how you loved me,

Take no thing for granted

I cherish…

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Copyright © 2018                            Bradley M. Tremmil


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Written by Bradley Tremmil

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