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Can Making Crafts Lift Your Mood?

Making crafts can lift our mood in my opinion. I can feel stressed out, and give me some plastic canvas and let me create something, like a clutch, or other types of handbags from plastic-canvas, and I feel better. 

I recently was in a craaft fair, and it took a lot of time to make my many clutches and handbags out of plastic canvas. Many days I felt stressed due to things happening around me. I got my mind focused on creating more and more clutches and handbags. This activity lifted my mood every time.

Why not start a hobby of making things. It doesn’t have to be out of plastic canvas. Creating things may just cures what ails you. I also made card holders, which is fun and rewarding.


Image Credit-Pixbay


What do you think?

Written by LaJenna


    • Thank you ellie925 for commenting. I bet you have a talent. I never would have guest that i would like to work with plastic canvas. Now, I have become more creative in this field.