Butterfly Extrapolated

Butterfly Extrapolated  –  digital painting/collage  © 2017, 2019 Howard Faxon

It is very common when I work on digital images to add small elements to large pictures. It happens all the time – ‘adding in’ elements incessantly. This piece, “Butterfly Extrapolated”, was done the other way around. I started with the butterfly and ‘added out’ from there. Expanding on the butterfly was the only criteria.

There are several hours of tedious work in these digital paintings so why not have that work be mindless as well. No rules, no plan, no concepts, … just “butterfly”. I don’t do these in one sitting either. I work on one for a while, put it away, and get it out again several times before it’s finished. It’s almost like doodling; and. more fun and addicting than that Etch-A-Sketch I used to have. Anyway, I hope you enjoy this butterfly inspired freeform visual instant.

This is a digital painting/collage combining elements from my personal photographs (taken by me) with digital painting techniques. I rely on a long history in printmaking and graphic arts to guide the thought process and take me through the necessary steps to complete the final work. 

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    • Thanks, it is from the biggest section of the site I have to show them. It’s the section of stuff where I played for fun. There are two little snails in the bottom – the one thing I added in. Enjoy the weekend!

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