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Bokeh Zebra (Artwork)

Title: Bokeh Zebra

Style: Graphic Design

Made with: Gimp, Corel Paintshop Pro x4

© Courtney Dutton

Here is another art piece that is different than my usual style.  I made a bokeh background (usually found in the out of focus/blurred areas of a photo).  I made it with a bokeh brush that I downloaded for Photoshop (depending on the extension, they can be used in Gimp too).

Over that, I placed a zebra from a brush that comes with the Corel Paintshop x4 program.  I changed the colors of the zebra so it had rainbow strips.  That might be too much color for this art piece, but I like it.

What do you all think of the art piece? I would love to hear your feedback on my work.  Thank you!


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