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Are You a Food Photographer/Stylist?

Monday, May 13, 2019 

After one hour of yoga at the gym, I decided to return home. I did some errands, before getting ready for a Canon workshop. Food Photographer and Stylist Chelsea Kyle talked about photographing and editing food dishes. She works for Conde Nast in New York. She works in Editorial, which involves storytelling. She worked for Bon Appetit Magazine, doing Princess Cruise ads. 

(I know from experience that cruise ships have incredible gourmet meals, ice sculptures, bread sculptures, and desserts because I have been on two Royal Caribbean cruises. Thus, that must be a fun photography job). 

  1. Know your subject/model 
  2. Must-Have Tools include heat gun, spray bottles for different liquids—oil and water, tweezers, Maldon Salt, fresh cracked pepper, and scissors. 
  3. Home versus styling team? Editorial photo process involves the editor developing recipe idea and the food editor testing the recipe. Then, there is a meeting to taste test/idea. Another meeting to decide on the concept and art. Photo Shoot Production. They need to make sure subject looks believable, real, and approachable. No fakes! 
  4. Be prepared for anything.        
  5. She uses three different lenses: 24mm-70mm lenses are sharp and wide angle 85mm lenses are sharp, and used for shooting longer than 2 feet away. 100mm Macro lenses are very sharp because it has fixed focal length. 
  6. Capture One computer program is used with your camera to edit photographs while shooting. It displays camera statistics, and you do the usually editing features, such as crop, rotate, etc, before shooting your subject. You can also add shadows, take closeup shots, and shoot different angles. 
  7. She uses Lurzer’s Archive site for ad inspiration.         
  8.  While driving home at 9 pm, I stopped at a red light, and I noticed the white Toyota in front of me had the license plate, “HELLO 2U.”


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  1. these snapshots were all from the Spring Garden Show’s Macys Home Store cooking demonstrations. four different chefs demonstrated 3 recipes each. I finally posted all the recipes here, but I changed them to vegan or vegetarian because I want to try them out in the future. I still haven’t made any.


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