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American Gothic – WIP

I’ve decided to do a Valentine’s Day special and it is inspired by the ballad of Millie & Billie. There are plenty of changes that need to take place in a short time, but I’m confident about my timeline…

Even though it has to undergo a total rework, I’m getting pretty quick so it shouldn’t be that tough to make the deadline.

#1 work in progress

God made love crazy so he wouldn't feel so alone... Are there any Alice Cooper fans out there?

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#2 millie POC

An early discarded design for Millie. I thought it might be more disturbing if she looked like an ordinary girl but then I decided to double down on the gothic

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#3 billy POC

A bit of girlporn for you- Everyone knows chicks dig on bad boys. Now turn your head and cough, Billie...

If you like this design, keep an eye out for Southern Gothic later this week

    • Nowhere in the song is his cruelty suggested, indeed his remorse is called out:
      and I liked your late husband Donald, but such torture his memory brings
      all sliced up and sealed tight in baggies, guess love makes you do funny things…

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#4 banner graphic


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    • For a long time I was only concerned with light on form, but now I feel like branching out into the psychological aspects of art. I hope you will enjoy my foray into that realm…

    • They’re not heroes, just a couple who loved each other a little too much. They come from a famous duet sung by Alice Cooper and Marcy Levy. It sounds like a beautiful love song until you pay attention to the lyrics…