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Destination unknown

Caught up in a quiet storm

The Quiet storm

An acquired taste

This pleasure zone is an elated warm…

Sure I see

what you see in me

Surely there’s a thing in you

What you bring to me

Sea to shore

Sure to see

Phenomenally it’s your poetry…

Your poetry

A rhythmic floetry

Like flames right by the fireside

With every fibre in my being

I deem I’m rested in this dawn…

Perfect timing

where the water falls

Like an orchestra wining n dining

Smooth n soft the waves are rhyming,

Shea delight basking in this sunshine

Tropical the island breeze

Sassy and classy

If it would rain now

we have the shelter

And as the day will melt away

The night begins to begins to fall…

Deep in the night

Sailing to a destiny unknown

The sound of rain

is like lullaby rocking off to sleep

Elatedly warm

The moment to embrace

Caught up in a storm

Just let the nature take its place…

Copyright © 2018  Bradley M. Tremmil 

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