Love ItLove It



For reasons of expectancy

The woman in you

has to shine like a goose

who’s laid her golden dime,

Tho at heart

You will always be a girl

who holds a secret dream of fantasy…


Draped up in style

Behind your sexy smile

You wear well your guise

Just so the ordinary eye

in too deep cannot thee pry…


But then when,

When your yearning’s like a pheromone

It takes no ordinary eye

to feel your love’s cry out for help,

Instead of flying up n’ away

like the free of birds


No exaggerations

be needed there to bare,

As a kiss of trust

All you need to hear

are the words…


The words…


You are always an inspiration

A woman for the seasons

No ordinary star you are,

So here my dear,

4 reasons your loveliness…


Blame it on the Winter

When you’re cooler than chilled

Then cold and moody even broody

Maybe its just a facade

to hide your needy heart…

Sometimes like the Springtime

You’re almost perfectly balanced

when blooming thru the season’s warmth…

At times the way you light my fire

Like a volcanic river

that churns the Summer heat

Your passion knows no bounds…

Then as the Autumn leaves

Your collage of love

is like a picture painted masterpiece…


A woman for the seasons

No ordinary star you are,

Like an extraordinary boutique

on the French Riviera

You are You-nique…

Copyright © 2018 Bradley M. Tremmil


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Written by Bradley Tremmil