The Tryptich and the God-Self Icon

Richard Cassaro, author of “Written in Stone” and “The Missing Link’, has found evidence of a pre-civilization advanced people who left their legacy in architecture and the God-self icon.

The triptych, as seen in the photo, is a set of three doorways with the doorway in the middle being larger,and the two on the sides matching. This type of doorway is found all over the world.

The God-self icon is also found all over the world. This is usually a carving, drawing or statue of a man or woman (or anthropomorphic figure) holding two matching animals or objects out to the sides. Richard Cassaro says this is a type of triptych, and has the same meaning.

The meaning of the triptych is this: the two doors on the outside represent all dualities, and pairs of opposites. The door in the middle is our realized selves, and a balancing of the opposites. It represents the higher self.


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Written by riverwild

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