White and gentle like cotton clouds – continuation 2

These days I’m pretty busy with my grandchildren. We were on a walk to a nearby town. In the river that passed the park among the many ducks there was a lonely white heron. This bird personally attracts me a lot. I like to take pictures. These are the latest on 21 and 22 October 2017.

This summer, I saw only a pair of white egret in the sea of Torrevieja Spain. I have read that they are almost extinct. Perhaps this is the reason why there are others. Here is some information about them.

Body length: 55 – 65 cm.

Width of the wings: 88 – 106 cm.

A totally white bird. You can be wrong with the big white heron. The main differences are the smaller size, the dark beak and the legs with yellow feet, but are not visible when the bird has landed in the water. During the breeding season there are two elongated feathers on the back of the neck.It feeds on small fish, frogs and tadpoles, water insects and other aquatic animals, often in the loaf of several individuals. It inhabits marshes, lakes, rivers, brackish water basins, and salt lagoons.


It breeds colonically, often with other species of bushes and bushes near water basins. It lays 3-4 eggs, one generation a year between April and July.


Wetlands drainage, reproductive disturbance, water pollution, poaching.

Almost threatened.

Similar species:Big white heron, buffalo heron

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