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The Ukraine Girl Oxana Malaya was raised by Dog

The idea of children being raised by animal sound like the stuff of Myth and legend,  Surely it could  never happen in today’s world right ? while the idea of feral children sounds like a Fairy tale ,it’s all too real for these children. here is the  story of known child Oxana Malaya raised by animals.

Raised by Dog :-

In the Ukraine an eight year old girl named Oxana Malaya was found living in the family dog kennel in 1991.She’s been living there since her alcoholic parents had forgotten her outside one night. She was three year old at the time and was left to her own devices.She curled up with farm’s mongrels to keep warm and there she stayed, after years without human contact, she learned to walk on all fours, barked, growled and bore her teeth when approached. when she was found it was clear that the dogs considered her one of their own, they tried to stop rescuers from taking her with extremely delayed social and emotional skills, it took to many year for her to relearn how to speak and become human again, and as of 2010, she lives in a home for the mentally handicapped where she helps care for the animals at the clinic’s farm.

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