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Some Info About Bees ? You May Want To Read

Bees are social insects and collaborators. They live in hives, where there are three breeds. The only bees we normally see are the workers. They are females that are not sexually developed. These bees seek food (pollen and nectar from flowers), build the hive and protect it, clean it, run the air flapping its wings and perform many other tasks for the community.

Why do hive cells have a hexagon shape?

If the cells of the combs were square they would optimize the space, but the insects need a cubicle adequate to the anatomy that they will have after their metamorphosis. If the cells were cylindrical they would be ideal for breeding, but a lot of space would be lost and more wax would be used than necessary … therefore bees always construct their cells in perfect hexagons, maximizing the useful surface.

There can only be one queen in a hive, the first one to be born will kill the rest of the queens. The virgin queen can respect the mother when the workers plan the replacement of an old queen or prepare a swarm. The queen is of greater size and is distinguished by its long abdomen and shorter wings. Drones are larger in diameter than worker bees, have no sting and do not know how to feed themselves, this is a technique of “induced dependence” by worker bees, facilitating the elimination of drones when they decide not to feed them.


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