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Snow Critters Gallery

In this Snow Critters Gallery I have put together some photos  taken in my backyard, during a walk and in the local parks. It is interesting that regardless of the cold and snow the show must go on and that animals, like humans, carry on with their day to day activities. It is always a pleasure to see these critters out and about on the coldest  of days. Some seem to be enjoying the solitude of the cold and snow while others not so much.

Oh Deer!

There is not a lot of snow here yet but this family of deer seem a bit lost already.

Time to head south

Where did the water go? Seems like winter came too early and left these geese stranded.

What’s a squirrel to do?

This squirrel is taking a rest after a few unsuccessful attempts to make it up  to the bird feeder. It may be cold but at least it is sunny.

Hanging out

What's a bird to do when the bird feeder is covered with snow?

Snow dog

Koko enjoys tunneling through the heaping snow. 

Snowground doggy

Rocko has the playground all to himself on this snow day.

The snow came early

These geese in the park have decided to chill out hoping the snow goes away soon.

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