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I thought it was finally time to wet my feet here, and the Flora and Fauna August Challenge seemed like a good place to start.  It didn’t hurt that I had a visitor tonight.

I was washing dishes and looked up to see a baby Leopard Gecko trapped between the glass of the window and the outside screen.  He looked skinny and I knew he must have been in there for a while.  I needed to set him free.

My husband was a little confused when I pulled the step stool over and let the window up since its summer here and hot as blazes.

I was worried I’d not be able to catch him.  He was still pretty fast, considering how skinny he was.  But I did catch him.  Once I caught him he didn’t seem to want to get away from my hands.

My husband told me to take him to the far back side of the yard so he’d not come back in the house, and I tried to.  I was trying to put him on a branch that went up into a leafy tree, but instead of stepping off onto the branch he kept climbing back up my arm!

“Is he your new pet, since the dog likes me better?” my husband asked.

I told him, “I would love to keep you and nurse you back to health little fella, but I don’t have anywhere to keep you and nothing to feed you!”

Leopard Geckos eat crickets and other insects.  I know the world is full of bugs, but I’m not much of a bug hunter.  And I don’t have a terrarium for him, just an empty pickle jar.

I did finally get him to scoot off of my hand and into a potted plant close to the house.  I hope he doesn’t find a way to get trapped again.  Or even worse, I hope nothing eats him since he is so skinny and weak!

Maybe I should have put him in that pickle jar after all.  lol


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    • Thank you.
      I was very careful to not hold him by his tail, and I didn’t have to pinch him very hard to hold on to him. He didn’t struggle much at all. He seemed happy to just sit on my hand and arm.
      My husband took the photos while I was holding him. It was a team effort.

  1. My eldest grandson now has fifteen years,
    Ten years ago, I took her to fishing. I caught the frog.
    She should not have taken her in her arms.
    I promised her an ice cream if she took it and took her away.
    When we arrived home happy she yelled, “Mom sees a frog.”
    I got ice cream.


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