Rare Endangered species – Sangai: Found only in Manipur.

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The Sangai, in English name as Brow-altlered deer, scientific name : Rucervus eldii eldii  is an endangered sub species which is found only in Manipur, Northeast India. This Deer is the state animal of Manipur and the pride of Manipur. This deer lived only in Phumdi ( Heterogeneous organic waste ) as I mention Phumdi in earlier post. In Loktak lake Manipur there is place name as Keibul lamjao National park ( Marshy Wetland) is the home of our state animal the Sangai. Many people visit Manipur National park to see the Sangai, but most of the people can”t see it because this deer is very shy, they run away when they see people near them..

Let me explain the meaning of the Sangai ( Sa = Animal , Ngai =in awaiting) together the real meaning of the Sangai in English is animal in awaiting. When this deer runs especially the male deer look back as he is awaiting for some one. If anybody visit Manipur, I suggest you to visit Keibul Lamjao National park once.

This Keibul Lamjao National Park is marshy wetlland of Manipur, Sangai can survive only at the marshy wetland as they cant walk on the open road. Many Reserches proof that if this species walk in open environment they will be dead within few hours. I don’t know the exact reason why they can”t walk on the open road. Many local people of Manipur believe that the toes of the Sangai are soft so, they can’t walk in the open road.

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Written by Deepak Raj Sharma


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