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my sweet babies

The 1st picture is of my sweet baby bunny Sandy that had passed away a month ago and the 2nd picture is of my sweet Oreo and the third picture is of my sweet princess Jasmine.

I love all my sweet animals so much and I miss my baby bunny Sandy. I’ll always miss Sandy but at least I got Jasmine and Oreo to help me to get over Sandy’s death. Sandy will be in my heart forever and always. No I just got to start moving on for the rest of my animals and take care of them the best way I can. they make me feel so peaceful they make me laugh so much especially when I use the laser pointer for Jasmine and Oreo they go absolutely nuts over it. The only problem I have with Jasmine now Is that she gets so excited when somebody comes and she is jumping all over them. While¬† Oreo he’s just laid back and let’s my grandsons wallow all over him and he just lays there and takes it. No matter what my grandsons does with Oreo he would not bite no matter what my grandsons would do with him because he loves the attention and he loves my grandsons. Thank you for reading this and God bless you all.


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