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I had 3 pets, 1 dog named Jazzy, 1 cat named Oreo, 1 bunny named sandy. They are very good pets. I love them very much. My dog is protective and my cat is very playful. But, a couple of weeks ago my bunny got hurt badly and i had to have him put to sleep and me and my dog would cry every night since my bunny passed away and Jazzy wouldn’t do anything at all and all she does is lay on the bed and whine all day and most of the night. And now she is having behavioral problems since my bunny sandy passed away so i bought her a squeaky toy and now she has adopted the squeaky toy that kind of sounds like the bunny’s noise and she carry’s it around all day and sleeps with it at night too. She won’t let anybody play with the squeaky toy. But, if someone does take it to play with her and the squeaky toy she’ll start whining until they’ll give it back. Thank you for reading my story. God bless you all.


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