Men Are Cannibals

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Do cannibals really exist? I used to think that since people used not to travel much, they teased others that the people who lived beyond the horizon are cannibals. To eat another human being is uncouth behavior however sweet it is.

Yet cannibals must surely exist. I have never met any but I have heard stories of a man eat man society. Why should a person go to the extend of feeding on another human. Meat especially red meat is as bad as it is. Why should someone add humans to it?

Eating of even another primate is as bad as being a cannibal. The colubus monkey is the most threatened species. Its black and white skin is used in making decorative regalia and the meat eaten.

Cannibalism of such calibre will make such beautiful animals extinct. I fail to understand how men reason. Should they eat anything and everything? I shun cannibalism of any nature. Save our wild animals by stopping cannibalism of primates.

Does cannibalism still exist in the world of today?


What do you think?


Written by stbrians

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