King Penguins

Do you ever wonder what draws you to the things that you are curious about? Curious enough to do the research and find out the facts is what I am talking about.

I am fairly certain I will never see a King Penguin in the wild. Today something about them caught my attention. It may have been the splash of color on their head. I thought it looked yellow, all the research says orange, so perhaps I don’t really know my colors.

Then I saw the chicks and it reminded me of the Ugly Duckling. They are not very handsome. They do have some awesome skills. Parents and chicks are able to find each other in colonies of thousands from their vocalizations. That amazes me that they can hear such a distinction.

Feeding their chick is not a simple thing. King penguins can go as far as 1200 miles from shore looking to find the 450 fish they need to consume. They then regurgitate 8 pounds of fish into the stomach of the chick. The chick eats about every three days.

Then I learned about the fact that the way their fur is designed gives them the ability to dive deep and seem to fly in and out of the water.

I am sure there is much more to learn. I will read more I am certain.


What do you think?


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