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Keaton’s human Daddy has gone to New York for a few days. He’s gotten so much better since we found him eating out of garbage cans, but he hates to see his master leave without him.  He used to mope in the bedroom, then he graduated to moping by the front door, now he only mopes for a few minutes and comes to see what everyone else is doing.

We think he’s a Kelpie. He’s grown so much and has become a really good doggy!  He’s learned tricks and loves to play.


What do you think?


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  1. Yep, I believe you are correct. He does look like a Kelpie. If so you have one smart house guest! Great shot and good to see he’s coming around. I have had to babysit my sons dogs. The big Dane cries, like the first four hours..which scares the timid Doberman which in turn sulks, and watches the door. lol

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