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hello, i’m parrot (part 1)

Parrots are one of the favorite birds, but not many know that they have 86 genera, 372 species. Parrots are found all over the globe but are concentrated in the tropics and temperate southern hemisphere. Under natural conditions, they often nest in the tree cavity, eating seeds, fruits, buds are the main.

 Most importantly, the parrots are one of the few bird species to imitate humans. That makes them special in many bird species.However, people like parrots in that they have colorful feathers – it’s a natural mix of colors. They have big beaks, long compared to their bodies. At first glance such as not match, but thus creating unique for this bird.In the past, it was thought that parrots have a spirit, personality is very similar to people. That makes them think that they have the ability to think at a high level, to consider before action. Many biologists have suggested that their brains are unique, superior to those of other birds, escaping from their original instincts that are as close to the level of thought as possible.With many bird owners, the parrots are “sharing” the sad, they can sleep with people, become close friends share and soothe the pain. Perhaps in some countries, parrots have been used to treat psychological traumas, especially for young children. Among the parrots, African Gray Parrots, Amazonian Parrots, Amazon parrots are considered the most intelligent species as they learn the human language very quickly as well as able to understand the human voice, the attitude of the owner.Amazon native to South America has a very nice blue fur. If you just look at the coat color will be difficult to distinguish the male from the female. They learn to speak fast but are not friendly when they just “follow” the orders of the farmer. This South American parrot has a sweet voice, and when they do not speak the language they usually sing. Like the Marine Phlomerian, an American educator, at times it feels like they’re self-centered, “steeped in the heart” of their own.The Amazon is worthy of being the queen of parrots. It is important to know that, before being raised as a bird, they have had to spend a lot of time in the rainforest of Amazon, Marine-Marine Florian said.If the Amazon macaw is mostly blue, then there is a yellow-crowned parrot in the yellow jungle. They also have the ability to learn to speak fast, but up to two-thirds of them do not pronounce, despite being well-trained. However, it is not that they are disgraced, because the yellow color of the coat makes them hunted quite aggressively. Also located in the parrot family, another species that lives at the foot of the Himalayas is also unique. Local people often refer to them as “spit”. These giants live at an altitude of over 2,000 meters above sea level, with dark blue feathers, reddish gold bottle and yellow feathered head. They are also very fast learners of the language, especially when they are domesticated in a captive environment, they are able to “dance” like a ballet dancer. This is why the birds have a very high price.Close to this species is a rooster or “birds nest”, concentrated in Australia. It is hard to imagine that they can learn up to 300 human words. Their ability to learn the language is only lost to African Gray Parrots, according to Marine Florian.

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